BOO HAG: Burial Ground: CD

Sep 29, 2020

This South Carolina duo’s sound is stripped down: guitar, vocals, and drums with a few additions of saxophone. These nine tracks have a sinister, dark vibe. Even though the band is from South Carolina, I can picture this sound fitting in with a mood I’ve gotten from my visits to Savannah, Ga. Kind of gothic and doomy, with an edgy sinfulness just below the surface. I can imagine my clean-cut self listening to this in high school and thinking, “I dunno… this just seems a little evil.” It isn’t, but Boo Hag is certainly aiming for that personality. The closest act to which I can draw a comparison would be the Christian apocalyptic sounds of Wovenhand, which I realize is ironic given what I just wrote. But both acts project something bigger and otherworldly. While this may not be what I would normally listen to, I appreciate what Boo Hag is going for here. –Kurt Morris (