BONELESS ONES, THE: Skate for Satan: LP

It would be quite some time before I would find out that “skate punk” in the ’80s was something completely different from what I knew (NOFX, et cetera) and was mostly comprised of bands that didn’t necessarily sound like each other: Big Boys didn’t sound anything like RKL, who didn’t sound anything like Code Of Honor. You get the point. The Boneless Ones’ sound owes more to Christian Death and death rock or even metal but with lyrics mostly about skateboarding. Not exactly thrash but not far from it since their musicianship is tighter than most from this era. Unfortunately for the band, the announcement of their reunion on this record was ill fated as a global pandemic is upon us and live music is on hiatus indefinitely. Hope they get to rock out on stage again when it’s safe to do so. –Juan Espinosa (Beer City,