BOBBY’S OAR: Not What I’m Looking For: LP

Mar 28, 2018

I’ve seen Greg Hughes (the man behind Bobby’s Oar) play these songs with just him and a guitar. Those songs made my eyes well up, gave a catch in my throat, and even a few chills. What’s so fantastic about Greg is he can give a sincere delivery each and every time. People can only pull that off when it’s genuine. So when I got to hear these earnest tracks put to drums, backup vocals, banjos, bass, and trombone, it only amplified the kindness and concern in his voice. This record is a playground of positivity one might see the likes of Jeff Rosenstock and Kepi Ghoulie hanging out in. You don’t have to have an electric guitar to be considered punk. “400 Dollars” is a song about the pains of shared living and it is relatable to every punk house I’ve ever lived in. Lyrics like, “It takes a toll on me, all the dirty dishes and the caving floorboard,” and, “We gave you a level head till we were stepped on” are so spot on. Greg paints incredibly detailed murals with every word that escapes his mouth. Bobby’s Oar is more than just folk punk. They’re dynamic, catchy, and honest. Maybe the best I can put it is that Bobby’s Oar is Cometbus put to music. Whether I get my point across or not, just do me a favor and check out this record at least once to see if it grabs you like it did me. Test drive it on bandcamp and then buy one for you and a friend. –Kayla Greet (Tiny Dragon Music, [email protected])