Sep 26, 2019

This is another strong release from Greg Hughes and friends. The first song is just him and a guitar with a short burst of a keyboard, bass, and drums at the crescendo. It’s about making a decision about where to direct your energy. Do you really want to exhaust yourself making money for someone else, just to get a small cut left for what you need? Bobby’s Oar says no fucking way and asks “Why not give all the time you have to the things you love?” It’s less than a minute, but “Tired Eyes” sets the tone for the heartfelt messages of love and struggle that Greg spits straight from his soul. At first the keys really took me out of it, but once I focused on the words, I realized we were in punk church. He has this way of getting across anger motivated by aspirational hope. There’s so many sweet snapshots of how life can be adventurous before it becomes fleeting. While there are only four tracks here, they hurt in that they remind me of a time that’s lost to my youth, but I am also reeled back in by moments of unknown possibilities we haven’t met yet. Musically it’s a little folky, a dash of honky tonk, and lots of bubbling rock’n’roll with a punk edge. Let it spin a few times and settle in. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)

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