BLOWBACK: Great Again: 7”

Aug 01, 2019

Self-described “protest punk” band Blowback is back with their sixth 7” and first new music in seven years. As one would correctly predict based on the title and what has occurred in their hometown of Washington, D.C. in the intervening years, this record is a little angry. “Out of Control Bullshit” is the most apt song title and mirrors how I feel about everything happening in this horrid Trumpian world. Listening to this desperate, frustrated expression of outrage at high volume does provide some small catharsis. The mocking “I Don’t Need Advice” expresses that exasperated feeling we all get when we hear about the latest pile of idiotic bullshit expelled from that fucking moron’s tiny fingertips, and provides a brief, much-needed dose of humor. This is the kind of punk we need right now. –Chad Williams (Self-released,