BLOTTERS, THE: Eat the Sheet: CS

Sep 20, 2017

This record starts out with a pretty jarring collection of strange sounds in a sci-fi-like audio collage. This goes on for three minutes. But after that is some straight-forward punk with a heavy interest in garage rock. I’m hearing everything from Black Flag to The Mummies. It might be a weird thing to comment on, but I really enjoy the lo-fi recording quality. The whole record sounds like it was recorded in their basement, though that might mostly stem from the reverb-heavy, echoey vocals. The songs are all about things that fit squarely in the punk wheelhouse: being poor, hating the police, and shitting on the Trump administration. My main criticisms are the real lack of nuance in the lyrics (“Grab ‘em by the pussy if you really want / But I’d rather see a bullet in your head / I’d rather mask and smash your fucking face”) and that some of the tracks drone on longer than I expected from an angry, political hardcore punk band. That being said, the guitar work is angular, piercing, and has a lot of good distortion on it. They seem like a young band just getting their feet wet, but I feel like in six months to a year they’ll be swimming laps around the band they used to be. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)