BLOODSHOT BILL: Come Get Your Love Right Now: LP

May 20, 2019

I’ve listened to all of Tyler Mahan Coe’s country music history podcast and read a book on the Hag, but at best that gives me a passing knowledge of the tangential genre that is Bloodshot Bill. So I don’t want to speak out of school when I review this and I’ll do my best to keep my foot out of my mouth. To me, this is a super Cramps-y version of psychobilly and dark Americana. It’s sung by guys who chain smoke, but have frogs in their throat who also chain smoke. Just a lot of deep, guttural wailing on these tunes. Everything has that grassroots rock’n’roll rumble to it, while choruses are howled before jumping back down to the gravelly squeal, much like Steve Wahrer (The Trashmen) and Lux Interior. If you’re into stuff like that, this is gonna kick your ass. Personally it’s not my bag, but I’m glad to have heard it. –Kayla Greet (Goner)