Aug 16, 2017

Blind Butcher appears to be a Swiss duo that I suppose could be called post-punk, at least in that they are playing this music after a time period in which punk has existed. I don’t really know what to call this, which is probably the idea—this seems like a band that was made in hopes of being called “genre-bending.” There’s some funky psychedelic guitar, some glitchy samples, some misogynistic garage rock bullshit (the title of the first song apparently translates to “Vacuum Cleaner Baby,” and it is not about housekeeping), and all kinds of synth bullshit. I don’t know, people who need to listen to new weird music all the time might get into this, but to me it just seems like some douchey dudes wearing bodypaint and trying very hard to be eclectic. –Indiana Laub (Voodoo Rhythm, [email protected],