BLENDOURS, THE: No Respect: 12”

Nov 22, 2017

The strongest trait is their Rezillos-style male/female collaboration on vocals. It’s joyful, tightly packaged pop punk, with a fitting title to the record. Musically, it falls into the trappings of many ‘90s pop punk bands, as the songs run together with the same relentless tempo and format. They’re one of those cigarette break-worthy bands where I wouldn’t miss much between the first and last song, but I’d stay and watch if they were my friends and enjoy myself. It bores me when a band has little to say with song titles like “Leave the Girl,” “The Sweetest Girl in Town,” and “Not my Problem.” And I get it. You can say similar things about the Queers or Screeching Weasel, and so on. But from my cynical perspective, I don’t find enough substance. I want more aggression à la the Marked Men, or at least interludes from the formula they’ve meticulously followed, sticking to the recipe, and baked to the exact temperature. –Sal Go (Eccentric Pop)