BLEMISH: Self-titled: 12”

Nov 15, 2022

Blemish pull off a solid take on the dark, melodic, mid-tempo punk first resuscitated back to life by some Swedes about fifteen years ago and more recently exemplified by bands like Generación Suicida. Aggressive, melodic (female) vocals hook you, simple but elegant guitar leads set the tone, and driving drums keep the energy level high throughout—no overindulgent, gothic boredom here. My only (minor) complaint is that the rhythm guitar is covered up by the bass in the mix, which is unfortunate for driving punk rock like this (I wanna hear both guitars panned wide and boosted for a bigger, epic sound!) So while this is only the band’s first effort, it’s an excellent one and well worth your time. I look forward to hearing Blemish grow and hone their songwriting chops in the future. –Chad Williams (Not For The Weak,

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