BLACK VALLEY MOON: The Baleful Sounds of: CD

While Sam Williams III has been part of Down By Law for quite a while, he has always found time to veer off into intriguing side projects. Electro-Requiem might have been my favorite up to this point just because it dripped with Big Black weirdness. Now we have Black Valley Moon. Putting together an engaging all-instrumental record is tough. Without vocals or lyrical content, mood is more critical. I’m happy to say this record is more than up to the task. “Beach Party of the Damned” has a surf feel that would have made Dick Dale smile, and dig that crazy sax solo man! “Gaspar’s Revenge” has a “Secret Agent Man” vibe in parts. Finally, the music is all wrapped up with “My Rifle, My Pony & Me.” Why do I think that this song could have been on the soundtrack to A Christmas Story? Excellent. –Sean Koepenick (Sharawaji, [email protected])