BLACK HELICOPTER: Everything Is Forever: LP

Aug 16, 2017

This Boston-based quartet includes a member of Green Magnet School, who released material with Sub Pop in the early ‘90s. Thus, Black Helicopter ain’t no spring chickens. However, unlike the sound of their other acts (members also have experience with Kudgel and Windmills By The Ocean) Black Helicopter sounds more post-punk and direct. Each of the songs has its own personality: “And I > Drive at Night” is darker and introspective while “Not Kewl Who” has a slow, melodic tempo similar to something from a high school dance. The first track on the B side, “Show of Hams,” has a poppy, shuffling tempo and the second track is a seven minute instrumental that ranges from gentle to crashing in its indie rock intensity. This is one of those things that is a tease—it’s good, but not quite enough material for me to determine if Black Helicopter shot their load on this short release or has what it takes to be a fantastic act. Things look promising, though. –Kurt Morris (Limited Appeal,