BLACK DOTS: Everything Has Gotta Change: LP

May 20, 2019

Technology has become accessible enough that everything can sound and look good these days. You can take a picture with your fucking phone for the cover of an LP. We’re constantly surrounded by total morons releasing records that people absolutely love; at least for a quick moment. That’s why when a record comes along with songs and lyrics that really resonate, it just feels different. It’s exhilarating! It feels like it used to feel! And I love it, and it reminds me how important these goddamn things really are. Colorado’s Black Dots are comprised of people you might recognize from The Achievement and Vena Cava. They play that introspective, heart-felt style that cities like San Diego and Tampa blew the doors off of in the 2000s, faintly blended with the musicality of post-hardcore DC. But this isn’t nostalgia. This is so current and vital, and that’s what makes it so beautiful, and inspiring, and painful. On a two hour bus ride to my uncle’s house for a family gathering, headphones on, I listened to this album on repeat. Five months later there are parts that still give me goose bumps. When you question your existence, you might not get the answers you want, but at least you get answers. –Daryl (Snappy Little Numbers / La Escalera)