BLACK DOTS: EP2: 7” flexi

Sep 22, 2022

Two quick tracks from these shining stars and it just feels so welcoming and familiar. So much warmth and trust and camaraderie on this flimsy, paper-thin piece of plastic. A lil’ Neil Young, a lil’ Avail, straight from tuition-free school of Prof. Davey Tiltwheel. Impulsive muscle reactions putting the needle back to the beginning and listening again and again ’cause that’s what you do when Black Dots release new music. Yet this is far from the ideal format for this band. I could use many more songs and a lyric sheet ’cause I enjoy what these people have to say. Their Everything Has Gotta Change full-length is still in regular rotation, and if you’re unfamiliar with that record, do yourself a favor and track it down. Johnny Boy is still a real good kid, tries hard at the things he does. –Daryl (Motorcycle Potluck)

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