BLACK BLUEBIRDS: Like Blood for Music: CD

May 23, 2018

Do you remember that scene in the movie Ghost World where Steve Buscemi’s character goes to see a legendary blues guitarist open for a cheeseball blues-rock act called Blues Hammer? Now bear with me and imagine that Ian Curtis somehow lived, and many years later was washed up and trying to eke out a living playing any gig he could get. He would be touring the land opening for Black Bluebirds. It is unsettling to me how much I dislike this. It’s as if you took the aforementioned Joy Division frontman, mixed him with a mid-’90s version of Bruce Springsteen, and sucked out all the lyric writing ability. Throw in some ripping Blues Hammer-esque leads, weird keyboards, and corny backups… This is all kinds of wrong. –Ty Stranglehold (Tinderbox Music)