BLACK ADIDAS: Self-titled: CD

Mar 28, 2018

Ten track debut from Burbank, Calif.’s Courtney Ranshaw, aka Black Adidas. I don’t want to be a dream killer or anything, but this CD, despite its obvious ambitions, leaves me slightly cold. I get the feeling that this is kind of a one-man band kind of deal that tends to quash any sort of chemistry a true band has. That said, if you are a fan of Mike Ness-styled sneering vocals you might be happy to give this CD a test drive. Ranshaw takes the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to this disc which is perhaps most evident in songs like “Play What We Know,” which comes complete with a horn section. Ultimately, I feel that hammering these songs out on a cross-country tour with a band and then recording would have yielded a more satisfying outcome for me. –Garrett Barnwell (DigitalAnalog,