BLACK ADIDAS: Self-titled: CD

Mar 28, 2018

I’m generally put off when a vocalist yells “guitar” before a bridge or solo, even more so when it’s delivered pretty flat and unenthusiastic as it is with Black Adidas. Sometimes when I’m about to review something new, I take a look at the package and guess what the band is going to sound like, based on their art. With the high contrast black and orange photos of motorcycles and greaser-looking guys, I suspected Social Distortion. What I got in the first thirty seconds was a dead ringer for a Mike Ness impersonator. Though, as a whole, it is more than that. They did in fact take away the old ball and chain at times. And there’s a myriad of unconventional instrumentation as well. Never did I expect to hear synthesizers or trombone in this group, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While it’s still not something that gets my motor running (Mike Ness is nails on a chalk board to me), it’d be great for grease monkeys who keep trying to get Joy Division played at their shop. –Kayla Greet (Digital Analog,