BLACK ABBA: Lost Dog: 7”

Aug 16, 2017

New Orleans-based ‘70s throwback supergroup Black Abba—or Bl’abba if you’re in a hurry—are the unholy union of Black Sabbath and ABBA, in spirit if not in reality. Formed by members of Trampoline Team, Gary Wrong Group, Buck Biloxi And The Fucks, and the head of Pelican Pow Wow Records, Sarah Mason, the band offer up two short tracks on this 7” single: “Lost Dog” and “The Manager.” The former features shouted female vocals and appropriately grimy production. The bulk of the instrumentation sinks down into the song’s general chaos save for an exceptionally unnerving synth line that floats almost too high in the mix, provoking a brain-scrambling nausea that reads as an intentional—but sort of mean—stylistic choice. “The Manager” is an effective B side, wading through more solid riffs and grooves that help you shake off the “Lost Dog” synth-induced heebie-jeebies. A snarky sendup of shitty, abusive producers and managers who try to control the sound, aesthetic, and behavior of the bands they work for, the track echoes Black Abba’s rebellious feminine power and apparent commitment to a DIY ethos. Clocking in at three-and-a-half minutes in total, the Lost Dog 7” definitely isn’t a meal unto itself, but it functions perfectly as an amuse-bouche, introducing the not-terribly-prolific band to new listeners and leaving them hungry for more. –Kelley O’Death (Total Punk, [email protected],