BITCH QUEENS: City of Class: CD

Well this is a first. This band saw a scathing review I did of one of their similar-sounding buddy bands in which I called that band out for being a bunch of boring, whining misogynists, and for some reason they decided that I had to be the one to review their new record. I’m not sure if that means they want a negative review or they genuinely thought I’d like this one. I’m tempted to just make fun of them for having a rider posted on their website that requests a picture of Iggy Pop in their dressing room at every venue, but really who doesn’t want that? Which isn’t to say they sound like Iggy Pop. I mean, they probably listened to Raw Power a few times, but their version of punk’n’roll is a little too clean for me. It sounds like it should be very sing-along, but the sing-along parts don’t arrive until “Never Say Never,” the second-to-last song, and there are far too many smirks and in-jokes along the way. But they’re having fun, so go for it I guess. –Emma Alice Johnson (Lux Noise, [email protected])