Nov 27, 2018

What to think of this 7” with two women simulating some kind of oral copulation thing while wearing diapers on the cover? Initially, “Man, I’m getting too old for this,” and then “holy fucking hell yes” once the needle hit the groove! I am still on the fence on this Birdcloud business. Either they are the most kick-ass women I have ever seen or a shrewd marketing move. Whatever the case, the A side “Wild Turkey 101” deserves the most attention here, with its obvious subject matter placing the song in the vast pantheon of kick ass songs about whisky. B side “Fiasco” fares only slightly worse off—something about diarrhea or something or another—if I am not mistaken. Oh, and upon closer inspection that oral copulation gag seems to be a Neil Young-style harmonica thingy worn way down low. –Garrett Barnwell (Bachelor)

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