BIPOLAR: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 17, 2021

I wouldn’t say that I have a phobia of clowns, but like many people I feel that they can be off-putting. The cover photo of Bipolar is downright terrifying. I had no idea what to expect of this record. The core duo immigrated from Tehran, Iran and started the band in Brooklyn. Synth and guitar-driven punk rock with a mean streak and easily shoutable choruses is the order of the day. There seems to be a lot of bands on this tip (Spits tip?) recently and it suits me just fine. These guys would fit right in with what is happening on a label like No Front Teeth (although Slovenly makes sense too). Bipolar have an intensity about them that brings an added level of freshness. This is one hundred percent ripping! –Ty Stranglehold (Slovenly)