Bipolar Cowboy By Noah Cicero, 98 pgs.

Sep 22, 2022

A friend from back home in Ohio mailed me a different book by Noah Cicero called Blood-Soaked Buddha. I didn’t know who it was from at first, and to be honest, I did roll my eyes at the quote on the back that read: “What if you had to live for eternity with your current shitty attitude?” After I got done rolling my eyes with my very shitty attitude, I actually read the book and enjoyed it so much that I decided to reach out to Noah and tell him. He was so kind to mail me a copy of Bipolar Cowboy.

This being the way in which I generously received this book of heartfelt poetry surely magnified the emotions I felt while reading it. And after learning that Noah is also from Ohio, I was thinking about my own experiences growing up in a dysfunctional Midwestern home and, as a result, how much I enjoy writing that is so fucking sad, hilariously truthful, and full of melancholic awareness. All of which, these poems are. *chef’s kiss* I appreciate the honesty and sincerity I felt reading this. These are breakup poems, and while I sense so much longing and hurt while reading them, there is still some sort of lightness to them that represents hopefulness. Like I can picture a knowing smirk at the end of each page. I will now pass on the generosity and mail this book to my friend who originally sent me the first book and hope that he rolls his eyeballs out of his head. –Elly Dallas (Girl Noise Press,

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