BINGE KINGS: 25 Song Demo: CS

Nov 15, 2022

Twenty-five songs of insanely raw and primitive garage punk from Homewood, Ill. Recklessly guitar-driven with little or no regard for proper recording methods (sounds like they recorded the guitar straight to a 4 track). There are drums but sometimes the combination of the barked-out vocals and the flurry of the guitars drown them out to near inaudibleness. And yet I’m sure that’s the desired effect and, of course, I’m loving it. A true DIY production with repurposed cassettes (mine is dubbed over the Sid and Nancy soundtrack!), photocopied inserts, and a hand-assembled cardboard cassette case with a crushed beer can glued on top. Never has something so horrendously packaged sounded so fucking good. There’s only twenty-five of these bad boys—so good luck finding one—but do check out their Bandcamp if you can’t. –Juan Espinosa (Slipping Grip /