BILLY BATTS & THE MADE MEN: Life Is Short Life Is Shit and Soon It Will Be Over: 7”

Mar 15, 2022

I can’t say if knowing this is a band of teenagers before listening to it made me like it more or less than I would have had I not. That scenario is impossible to map out now. What I do know is that these guys rip. Honestly I am so over hearing covers of X-Ray Spex’s “Oh Bondage, Up Yours.” I’m glad people are still listening to the words of Poly Styrene (and I can’t wait to see that biopic of her), but I’d rather hear a 2022 version of that song instead of rehashing a forty-four-year-old track. That criticism aside, I haven’t heard a band with this kind of energy in a while. I know their age is influencing that opinion, but they have a blistering speed with easily understandable lyrics (huge plus!), and drums that are largely hi-hat/snare but they complement the guitar arsenal very well. And there’s the occasional well-timed cymbal fill. Background vocals are more soprano—that I was expecting with the gruffness of the lead—and it’s a fantastic complement. Looks like Joe Queer is producing their upcoming full length. With a fourteen-year-old and two nineteen-year-olds crushing it this hard already, I’m very much looking forward to more from this band. –Kayla Greet (River Monster)