Mar 22, 2017

Germany may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a bikini beach, but Wavves and Ty Segall-influenced band Bikini Beach calls it home. Lo-fi, garagey surf punk is my cup of tea, and Guzzler served it. The album cover gave me a hard time figuring out what the band was called, because half of the name is cut off by a child’s head, but all the Googling to figure it out was rewarded by a cute DIY spray painted CD. Alternating male and female vocals kept me interested, and the vocals on “My Way” are reminiscent of Be Your Own Pet crossed with Mika Miko. What starts out as a high-powered day at the beach ends in the slow haze of “Exit,” the closing song. It’s a nice fadeout, and I know I’ll be listening to this album a lot this season, dreaming of weather warm enough to go to the beach. –Cynthia Pinedo (Bikini Beach,