BIG THING: “Say When” b/w “Eye to Eye”: 7”

Jul 20, 2021

This is a total delight and should be right up the street of those who like bands such as Muncie Girls and The Beths. Two tracks of indie pop that is sugar coated but without the ability to rot anything away. “Say When” is a sublimely catchy song on which Jennie Morris provides the perfect performance, combining the sweet with the sour to accompany the fizzing soundtrack. “Eye to Eye” has guitarist Daniel Lewis taking on lead vocal duty on a song which reminds me a bit of Altered Images. As two-song singles go, this is top drawer stuff and a great introduction to this quartet. For anyone curious about the label’s name, “Popty Ping” it is actually Welsh for “microwave.” –Rich Cocksedge (Popty-Ping, [email protected],

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