BIG TAKEOVER, THE #86, $5.99, 8½” x 11”, glossy, 152 pgs.

I can’t believe The Big Takeover has been around for forty years! What started as a typed-up photocopied rag in New York City is now a glossy legit magazine published twice a year. In high school and college, in the days before the internet, I used to go to Borders or Barnes & Noble and sit in their café with a stack of music magazines. While I read such things as Maximum Rock’n’roll, I also included in that pile the latest copy of The Big Takeover. That’s why it’s so great to see it’s still going and published with such good quality. There isn’t anything particularly unique about this 40th anniversary issue. But there are interviews with Bob Pollard, David Yow, Brian James, and Peter Laughner, amongst others. There is still a plethora of music reviews and just like when I was a teenager I found some new albums I now want to check out. While Borders is no longer around and I never visit Barnes & Noble, it was still good to sit down and read this issue of The Big Takeover and see it’s still going strong. –Kurt Morris (356 4th St., 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215)