BIG TAKEOVER #84, $6, 5½” x 11”, glossy, 152 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

Prior to this issue, I didn’t know The Big Takeover existed, but here it is, with a frankly overwhelming amount of content between interviews, reviews, editorials, and the like. Typically, with a long magazine like this, I’d be bored about halfway through (152 pages of magazine is a lot!), but these folks know their stuff, and they’re witty even when rehashing the same debates—as music journalism, particularly in the punk realm, tends to do. The interview with bev davies, a music photographer spanning decades of bands, from the Rolling Stones to D.O.A. to the contemporary Vancouver scene, was a highlight—all this history from one person who not only knows her stuff but was enmeshed enough in the “scenes” to know how it really was. However, the interview is left off halfway through with a note that it’ll “continue next issue,” which is a magazine peeve of mine—what if I just picked this up and don’t have or plan on having a subscription? Either way, lots of good content and lots of good photos for a reasonable price per issue make this a win in my book. –jimmy cooper (