BIG MESS: Bestial Pop: LP

Jan 26, 2021

This six-song slab from Copenhagen, Denmark cranks out big guitars and serious choruses. The riffs have an epic quality framed with an oi structure and thump. Throbbing bass is present for the whole album. But theatrics launch the band out of that orbit. The singer has a Fee Waybill quality to his voice, adding a lot of drama to the proceedings. The guitar melodies are often rife with harmonies, bringing an arbitrary Queen-like quality to the mix. “Black Sheep Bounce” is a highlight, moving at a jumpy pace as described in the title. The song has a wonderfully sappy melodic guitar solo. They pack a lot of interest in a six-song E.P. Definitely a grower, though. They don’t sound like Giuda, but I think the fanbase would mix. I recommend a few listens if it doesn’t strike you right away. –Billups Allen (We Are Suburban)