BIG CLOWN: Beatdown: 7” EP

Sep 22, 2023

While this record doesn’t sound like that first Meat Puppets 7” by any means, it does pack the same lunatic wallop—that whole brain-demolishing what the fuck is this never mind turn it up vibe that leaves the furniture off-kilter and your vision impaired after playing it. The vocals are like knitting needles through your eyeballs, the bass sounds like a fatal electric shock, and the drums are like the heartbeat of Odin on crack—and yet, somehow everything throbs out so loudly and clearly that you gotta wonder who or what they sacrificed to the Rock Deities in their Memphis basement to get things sounding this fucking loud. If 7” punk EPs stayed this good past 1982, we never would have needed to start making albums. BEST SONG: “Knew.” I think. BEST SONG TITLE: “Frogman.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This record is co-dedicated to Sarah Danger Underhill, who was cool. –Rev. Nørb (Swimming Faith,

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