BIG BABY: If You’re Not a Baby, You’re Too Old: CS

Aug 25, 2016

Dyana and Madison make up Big Baby and Big Baby is surf rock drums nearly drowned out by big, post-punk guitar riffs and the formerly mentioned band members conversing with one another about the everyday life that we live while we think about bigger, supposedly more important things: feeding the cat, grocery shopping, and online shopping. The sounds of this album are exactly what you would want from a punk band on a cassette. The non-essentials are stripped away and the music hits you right between the eyes. This is especially true for the dual vocals that show no sign of echo or reverb. Back to my waxing poetic about the everyday versus the delusions of grandeur—it is music like this that makes the everyday bearable. We should all be so lucky to be able to interpret our lives through art like this. All experience is front and center and the two-minute song is queen. Long live the queen! –Jon Mule aka Juan Burro aka Jonny Thrash (Deli Boy)

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