Jul 20, 2022

After some time away from the format they became known for, Hostage Records is back with a couple of new 7”s, the first of which (alphabetically speaking) is a two-song banger from The Berzerkers. While the label is primarily known for its raw beach punk vibe, there has been a newer sprout on the family tree featuring down and dirty punk rock’n’roll featuring bands such as The Vulturas and the guys in the spotlight here, The Berzerkers. They waste no time getting down to business on the title track, which is undeniably a writhing rock anthem but also features call out backups that had me thinking of a ’60s British Invasion kind of thing (or maybe the title of the song just had me thinking of The Yardbirds). The flip has searing leads, more call out backups, and even some sax. Tough, stripped-down rock is always welcome around here, and The Berzerkers got it going on. –Ty Stranglehold (Hostage)