BERNAYS PROPAGANDA: Vtora Mladost, Treta Svetska Vojna: CD

Dec 06, 2019

Bernays Propaganda have been described in the past as both a post-punk and dance punk band. I’d argue that while their politics appear to be of the subversive kind (can’t read any of the lyrics, they’re all in Macedonian) their musical influences—and there is an assortment—would compel me to label this anything but post-punk or punk-sounding. There’s definitely some dance music incorporated into their stew as well as electro, and African percussion. Brings to mind the alternative bands in the mid- to late-’90s that were a little tricky to pin down (Cibo Matto, Luscious Jackson, et cetera), but with the modern pop influence of artists like M.I.A. Mike Watt lends a hand in one of the songs here but it’s still not enough for me to praise this album much, if at all. –Juan Espinosa (Moonlee, / Geenger, / Popdepresija, / Balkan Veliki,