BERNAYS PROPAGANDA: Na to igrišče ne smem: LP

Jan 31, 2018

Macedonian three-piece Bernays Propaganda have made a sandwich I didn’t know I wanted to eat. The meat is groovy-as-hell techno—driving and propulsive—while the bread that holds everything together is goth (think Bauhaus). For condiments, add post-punk. And that’s all you need to make a damn fine sandwich. Fuck lettuce. I’m eating up all nine songs and going back for seconds. The lush production strengthens the spell-binding arrangements, and Katrina’s fierce vocals accentuate the dreamy melodies. This isn’t music to lull you to sleep; it’s meant to get you on your feet. Hell, if they played Bernays Propaganda at dance clubs, I would seriously consider putting on my best shoes and gyrating the night away. –Sean Arenas (Ill In The Head,