May 23, 2018

A while back I thought to myself “What would the perfect garage noise band sound like if it ever could exist?” I dreamt up a scenario where this could be achievable whilst being completely oblivious to Bend Sinister or the A Frames (who they later came to be). After listening to this collection of tracks, I’ve concluded that there is no need for anyone to try anymore: Bend Sinister was that perfect band. Listening to these songs I can’t help but imagine a band rehearsing in the laundry room of a shitty apartment building by guys who could give half a shit if they were to be caught. You like Wrangler Brutes, Retainers, or any band on Rip Off Records? That’s nice but Bend Sinister rends all those bands and several others obsolete. There’s only four hundred copies of this floating around out there so don’t sleep. –Juan Espinosa (Homeless,