BELL WIRE: Dog Thoughts: CD

Mar 22, 2017

From jump, I thought this was going to be a record of Patti Smith-like spoken word and that was a little scary to me. I’m guessing the EP title and first song are actually just thoughts that a dog might have with some guitars and drums softly laid over top. My next concern was that this band was going for an art rock band identity with songs that are just weird for the sake of being weird. But then the second track comes on and proves to be the standout for me. The three after that followed suit as well, but I think the hard left turn they took is much easier to appreciate the first time it happened. They flirt with indie rock while wearing a leather jacket—a lot like Dinosaur Jr., and very much a band you’d find in college. –Kayla Greet (Spark & Fizz)

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