BEHIND THE ZINES #11, $3, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 40 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

Behind the Zines is “a zine about zines,” and “this issue, once again, has a mix of first-timer contributors as well as returning regulars,” says creator Billy McCall in his intro to Issue 11. All contributors talk about their relationship to zines, whether it’s friends made through zines (“Postal Bliss” by Laura-Marie), zines as a way to process “scary feelings” (“A Decade of Shit’s Fucked” by Gina Sarti), virtual zine fests easing social anxiety (“Anxiety Fest with a Dash of Zine” by Alexa Lima”), an appreciation for the USPS as a deliverer of zines (“Staying Postal” by Razorcake’s own Todd Taylor), and more. Plus, there are interviews with zine makers Jolie Ruin (The Escapist Artist, Double Chinchilla, Skurt Cobain, SlutCake), Liz Mason (Caboose, Awesome Things, Most Unwanted Zine, Prizes) and husband Joe Mason (Chicago Gets 4 Stars), and Alicia H. (The Grasshoppers Are Coming). Fun bonus on the back page: retro zine reviews from the 1990s! –Gina Murrell (Billy McCall, [email protected])