BEHIND THE ZINES #10, $3, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 40 pgs.

Sep 29, 2020

This issue features Razorcake editor Todd Taylor. Behind the Zines collects perspectives on zinemaking and associated foibles. Zinesters sure do love to talk about zines! Visually, it’s very true to classic form, just with printed text instead of typewritten/handwritten/stamped/whatever. I’m immediately swayed by anything cut-and-paste, because it takes more commitment and determination than its digital counterpart. It’s nice to know there are still manifestations of some kind of physical yet disparate zine community, especially during the pandemic. Zine culture has always been about bridging social gaps, whether that be through mail, penpalling, or even the simple act of putting a voice out into the dark. If we have always been disparate, perhaps we can make do now, so long as the post office exists tomorrow. Case in point: zinesters do love to talk about zines. –jimmy cooper ([email protected])