Nov 15, 2022

New recordings from two old Richmond bands. Beex: While on the surface it sounds like a markedly different band than the one responsible for songs like “He Obliterates Me”—and I guess is largely a different band (different singer, many different members)—you can hear similar sensibilities underlying these “new” songs. A bit more swing in delivery and a bit more rock in the foundation, but the progression from where they were forty years ago to here seems organic. L’Amour: Of the two bands here, this is the one I don’t believe I’ve heard anything from before and, ironically, they sound more akin to what I was expecting from the Beex side. Their selections are more on the punk side—primitive, a bit more obnoxious in tone, shorter track lengths. Definitely my personal pick of the two, though the other side wasn’t bad either. Limited to three hundred copies. –Jimmy Alvarado (Zero Degree)