BEDWETTER: Flick Your Tongue against Your Teeth and Describe the Present: CS

Jan 30, 2019

Travis Miller is an underground rapper/producer from Virginia, best known for his early ’10s horrorcore albums as Lil Ugly Mane. This is the first album from his new Bedwetter project, which blends airtight rapping with experimental musical textures. “Man Wearing a Helmet” starts with pouring rain and soundbites playing over the top; too echoey to understand. After a minute, ominous washes of synth take over and Miller raps a tale of a kid dreaming of pajamas, blankets, and other comforts of home while being kidnapped. After two straight minutes of rapping, drums and the hook come in. Throughout this album, the shouted raps are in contrast to the calm music, and listening to it feels like losing your mind in a serene setting. Just because something looks okay on the outside doesn’t mean that it is. This is a harrowing and thoroughly engaging look at depression and mental illness, with fucking good rapping. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. –Chris Terry (