BEATNIKS: Self-titled: EP

Aug 16, 2017

Gawwwwdddd… This is fuggin’ good! This makes me believe in all that is good about punk rock. The opener, their anthem, “Beatnik Theme,” lays out their reason for existence in a mid-tempo assault. “Broken Ear” is brilliant with the clipped vocals that become more intelligible as the song progresses. When I listen to this record, I’m reminded of King Vidiot from the movie Joysticks, when he goes to Joe Don Baker’s house kicking over furniture and eating a houseplant. Go rent the movie after getting this record to see what I mean. If you like Lumpy Records, Total Punk, and the We’re Loud comp (and who doesn’t?) then seek this one out. –Matt Average (Neck Chop, [email protected],