BEASTEATER: Self-titled: LP

Mar 22, 2017

Whoa! Beasteater is a melding of Detroit and Buffalo garage rock greats, bringing together folks who’ve previously done time in such bands as The Dirtbombs, Bantam Rooster, The Dirtys, and The Blowtops, among others. Musically, they offer noisy, fuzzed-out garage punk that is sometimes riffy, sometimes driven, and sometimes more dirgey, but it’s always good. Honestly, the record is much noisier than I was expecting based on the lineage of the members, something that was a total welcomed surprise. This isn’t your parents’ garage rock, but instead the type that will hit you over the head, steal your rent money, and blow it all at the bar with no regrets whatsoever. –Mark Twistworthy (Big Neck,