BEAR AWAY: Never in the Same Place: CD/CS

Aug 01, 2019

From what I can glean, this is a debut release for a band whose members have previously done time in Failsafe For Tomorrow, Transatlantic Airwaves, plus a bunch of others. If you have a hankering for another band that gives off Iron Chic and Hot Water Music musical vibes then dive right into this. It’s a pretty strong start for a band to even nail down one really noticeable song, but Bear Away manages to pull two out of the bag with “Parts and Labour” and “Growing Up.” The other two tracks have their moments too but just lack the same impact. Strong and interesting twin guitar work plus a really good vocal performance go a long way in making Bear Away a band to keep an eye on. –Rich Cocksedge (Disillusioned, di[email protected],