Jul 20, 2022

This is the first album from a band comprising members who have been in a multitude of bands including Minor Threat, Lifetime, and Bouncing Souls. On the face of it there is enough in the arsenal to make a record that really stands out and makes a mark. However, apart from a couple of tracks which let rip, this is quite the letdown. It’s as if the life has been sucked out of the recording, denying the listener a sense of urgency and passion. I came away from it feeling extremely deflated. Hell, it’s got Brian Baker on guitar, plus Ari Katz is on vocals and I really like both of their work normally; it really should be a lot better than it is. Unfortunately the sum of the parts do not add up to anywhere near what I’d expect. Sanitized punk rock, best consigned to the pile headed “Could’ve done better.” –Rich Cocksedge (Epitaph,

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