BATTLETRUCK: Nihilistic Vision: CD

In researching this band I learned there is a film from 1982 called Battletruck. The movie, which has a 5.1 rating on IMDB, includes John Ratzenberger, who went on to play Cliff Clavin in Cheers. Battletruck appears to follow a similar setting to Mad Max 2: a post-apocalyptic world where gas is in short supply. However, Battletruck was shot in New Zealand while Mad Max 2 was filmed in Australia. In the early ’80s there were a number of films that ripped off the Mad Max franchise of a post-apocalyptic world. I haven’t seen Battletruck the movie, but after reading the plot description, I can’t help but think it’s got to be better than the band of the same name. With song titles like “Drugs Before Hugs,” “Replicunt,” and “Battlefuck” (see what they did there?) I didn’t have much hope and was on the mark. Imagine if old Circle Jerks played with a metal influence and then throw in some Brainiac. Sadly, I’m making this sound better than it is. Most of these songs aren’t bad, musically, but they’re ruined by ridiculous lyrics like, “Everything I touch turn to shit / Everything I believed in died in a pool of piss.” I can’t tell if they’re being serious, but it just sounds dumb. If somebody could watch the movie Battletruck and let me know if it’s worth watching, that’d be awesome, though. I like bad movies. But not silly music. –Kurt Morris (