BATTLE FOR COOPER-YOUNG, $4, 7½” x 5”, color printed, 29 pgs.

May 23, 2018

The Cooper-Young neighborhood is in Memphis, Tenn. Evidently it has turned from being a blighted place to becoming the “hip” hood, being home to many shops, bars, and Goner Records. More recently there have been crime issues in Cooper-Young. In response, a neighborhood watch was re-established and the idea was floated to install digital cameras around stop signs in the neighborhood. Artist and local resident Nick Canterucci had some concerns with this and made a number of avant-garde posters that shared these thoughts. This is all a long-winded way to describe what the content of this zine is: images of posters made by Canterucci to get people to think about their need for security. There are many references to Big Brother and the Soviet state, as well as Hitler. Next to the images of the posters Canterucci gives some thoughts and his inspiration for them. In that sense, this zine is somewhat like an art exhibit. I tend to prefer simpler, direct messages in my art protest posters and found that many of these were too busy. Yet, I still respect Canterucci for what he did and think this is a good testament to a particular time and experience in Memphis’s history. That said, it’s more likely those familiar with the neighborhood or the situation in Cooper-Young will find this most appealing. –Kurt Morris (Nick Canterucci, 2264 Elzey Ave., Memphis, TN 38104)