BASTARDS OF FATE: Suck the Light Out / Way Else: 2 x LP

Aug 16, 2017

To call this “all over the map” is to understate things a bit. Its core, as far as I can tell, is prime ‘70s art rock. From there they delve into a mélange of wildly contradictory subgenre and sub-strata, often at the same time: poppy yet dissonant, catchy yet impenetrably dense, enticing yet caustic. One second you think you’re listening to Roxy Music, and the next the singer sounds like he’s channeling his inner Muppet. And yet, it’s all deftly executed by a band that knows its way around what seems to be everything. One big, gloriously sloppy and schizophrenic mess this is. Huge thumbs up from this corner. –Jimmy Alvarado (HHBTM)