Jan 26, 2021

When it comes to grindcore, d-beat, crust, et cetera, I’m very picky in what I like. It’s an almost instantaneous reaction to a band or record that tells me whether I like it or not. In this case, it was a fairly immediate feeling telling me I would like Bas Rotten’s debut album. Once the sample on the first track “The Blow” is done, an almighty throaty roar is unleashed, swiftly followed by massive riffs and a battery of drums, culminating in an excellent opening statement from this Portuguese band. In addition to the constant assault via guitars and drums, the latter which occasionally sound like the rotor blades of a helicopter, it’s the fact that the album never comes across as one dimensional. Nothing sounds forced or overdone and there’s a fine blend of songs ranging from the excellent fifteen seconds of hardcore provided by “Burnout” to the longer and more metallic title track. What’s not to like about seventeen completely raging tracks? –Rich Cocksedge (To Live A Lie, [email protected], / Aim Down Sight, [email protected], / Raging Planet, [email protected], / Loner Cult, [email protected], / Lower Class Kids, [email protected],