Mar 10, 2023

Bart And The Brats are no-frills punk rock. They sort of remind me of the Ramones, but are definitely not a glorified cover band. It’s in their riffs and the driving beat. They also toss in some oi influences for that extra bite. This record is somewhat of a mixed bag. Overall, it’s okay, but with some heavy editing it could have been a really good lean and mean EP instead of an LP loaded with filler. Case in point: the first side could be cut, except for the track “Constant Nonsense.” On the second side is where you’ll find the good stuff, like “Mental Case” (where you can hear that Ramones influence I mentioned at the top), “I Don’t Care About You” (that oi influence; hear it in the guitar and beat), “Fun Facts,” and “I Never Had Enough.” –Matt Average (No Front Teeth, / Big Neck,

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