May 15, 2023

This is my first time hearing Barricaded Suspects and I became a fan from the first chord. This album smokes and leaves tire tracks. It’s a barrage of hardcore punk with the catchy choruses and urgency of the Circle Jerks mixed with the out-of-control unpredictability of The Stalin. When pumping at full speed, this album rings out efficiently. When it taps the breaks, it fills the space with clever riffage from all sides and utilizes punk economy. The singer moves easily from well-thought-out punk prose to infectious choruses. The title track “Terminal Growth” is a solid old school-style “the world is falling apart” narrative warning: “slow decay/ march to the end/ this is our end/ ever consuming.” Songs with fewer lines like “Uninformed Shoppers” feature slamming, repetitive choruses that will start you singing along from the first listen. I’m generally easy on newer hardcore punk hybrids ’cause I love a bit of speed and noise and I feel like it’s important for that torch to be handed around a bit, but this album is a serious don’t-miss. –Billups Allen (Barricaded Suspects,

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